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Where being passionate about creating handmade bath and body products is an everyday occurrence! My products are handcrafted using high quality oils/butters, therapeutic grade essential oils and premium fragrances for select products. From the soaps to the bath bombs, small batches of each product are made with love, care and attentiveness. The cold process method is used when making all of my soaps. I allow 4 to 8 weeks for the cure time before any of the soaps make their debut to center stage. You certainly WON'T find any of these ingredients in my products: Phthalates, SLS, Detergents, Parabens, Triclosan, Petrolatum, and Formaldehyde releasing preservative just to name a few.

Why Natural & Handmade Soap Products?

Simply put: Our Skin is our largest organ and absorbs a great percentage of what we apply to it. If you haven't discovered the awesome and amazing benefits of using real soap that's carefully handcrafted with ingredients that are easily recognizable, not to mention, Natural; you've certainly come to the right place for your skin care needs. Why not Lather, Love and Nourish your skin with natural products packed with healthy and essential benefits?!

  • Essential Oils-Benefits

  • Neem Oil - Neem has been proven to be effective on a wide range of serious skin disorders, like acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and scabies. It's an excellent moisturizer with a strong history of its properties as medicinal.

  • Olive Oil - There are significant amounts of vitamins A&E found in Olive Oil. It's known to be effective against free radicals, therefore, contributing to cell repair and restoring balance to your skin.

  • Sweet Almond Oil- Almond oil is an excellent emollient and moisturizer. Since it contains vitamins and minerals, and is quite a light carrier oil; it's excellent to use for massages. As an emollient, it works great in keeping your skin soft, while supporting healthy and clearer skin.

  • Jojoba Oil - Jojoba Oil is very light, therefore offering quick absorption into your skin for ultimate nourishment and moisturizing. Inflamed skin conditions such as psoriasis or any form of dermatitis have been greatly benefited by the use of Jojoba oil . It is gentle enough for newborn babies; soothes and restores elasticity to any dry skin area. Jojoba works great in combating acne and implementing a balance where there's too much oil on your skin or scalp.

  • Coconut Oil - This oil is a naturally occurring antioxidants working to protect your skin from free radical damage and aging, while the natural glycerin deeply moisturizes your skin, leaving revitalized, refreshed and glowing.

  • Castor Oil - An excellent oil loaded with fatty acids for intense moisturizing. It is also a humectant, which attracts moisture to your skin. Wonderful addition to bath and body products.

  • Avocado Oil - Avocado oil is quite beneficial at restoring and nourishing matured, dehydrated skin. Just like the castor oil, Avocado oil is heavily rich in fatty acids, and loaded with vitamins A,B, D & E. Great on problematic skin as well!

  • Apricot Kernel Oil - This oil, like Jojoba, works excellent with oily complexions. Although, it's light weight and gentle enough for all skin types. Helps in re-hydrating and maintaining balance for beautiful, healthy skin.

  • Grape Seed Oil - This lovely oil is heavily rich in viatmin E. It is known to work great on acne prone skin; diminishing dark scars. A super moisturizer that helps with firming your skin and fight against aging.

Essential Oils-Benefits
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